59 Pieces Soft Worm Grub Fishing Lures Baits Jigs Heads Lead Swivels


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Item Specifics:
Name: fishing lure set

The lure box contains 59 pecies of soft lure bait as shown in the picture
1. 3.7cm Soft Lures x 40 (Random Colour)
2. 6cm Soft Lures x 10 (Random Colour)
3. Swivels x 5
4. 3.5g Jig Head x 1 (Random Colour)
5. 5g Jig Head x 1 (Random Colour)
6. 7g Jig x1 (Random Colour)
7. fising lure box (Box Size: 12cm*7.8cm)

Package Included:
1X59 pieces of fishing lure