5CM X 4.5 Military Camouflage Camo Tape Stealth Wrap Hunting Camping Waterproof


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-100% new and high quality.
-In the oven fabric on the basis of printed camouflage, combined with non-woven stretch solid features, can be hidden in the natural environment, to achieve the effectiveness of confusion.
-Non-woven raw materials, highly ductile, can be used repeatedly, feel good.
-Self-adhesive, no glue, very strong after winding, suitable for winding cylindrical objects.
-Applicable to cover telescopes, flashlights, knife handle and sheath, ammunition folder and so on.
Suitable for basic covering items, including weapons fixtures, notebooks, camouflage equipment, including weapons, torches, water bottles.
Not only for the military useful, but also very suitable for outdoor use.
-Note: the product is weak glue, the surface feels no glue, and can only be wrapped around their own and have a sticky, cut a little to stick things alone is sticky.
Product name: Tape
Material: Non-woven fabrics, natural latex, spandex elastic yarn
Color: Bark texture camouflage
Wide: Approx. 5cm/1.96"
Length: Approx. 4.5m/177"
Weight: 18g
Package Include:
1x 5cmx4.5m Tape