ZANLURE AB-01 Automatic Machine Bait Fishing Gear Fishing Supplies Fishing Equipment Accessories


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ZANLURE AB-01 Automatic Machine Bait Fishing Gear Fishing Supplies Fishing Equipment Accessories

Type: K1, K2, K3
Weight: About 340g
Color: As Shown

Model Characteristics:
K – type 1: 
Each can be in a group of bait, apply 6-8 hook, hook type size (size numbers are for reference only),
includes two guide sleeve (8 mm and 9.4 mm) external hook shall not be greater than 9.4 mm,
so using single hook hook width should be below 9.4 mm.

K – type 2 & K – type 3:   
Double machine bait, and each can two bait, apply 1-5 hook, hook type size ( numbers are for reference only),
external hook shall not be greater than 6 mm, so the use of double hook width should be under 6 mm.


1.Easy to operate, fast on the bait, bait groups evenly, saving food, good atomization performance, tune drift stability,
do not pollute food and so on. Especially for use in food allergies, beginners, seniors, winter is more convenient.
So that the process of fishing in fishing bait without rubbing, sport fishing and therefore more civilized.
2. The machine is applicable on any merchandise bait, bait and other powdery. State requirements for food: slightly soft,
slightly sticky, tacky to stir.
3. Operating below the bait, first mixing good food knead about 30 mm diameter rod, and then loaded into the storage
tube for food allergies will be available within the bait into the reservoir spoon feeding tube, tighten the cap, bait machine
screw on the rear end of the handle the pressure, the pressure adjustment screw and the hard and soft bait bait according
to speed, and then adjust the alignment of a good hook stripper pole ministry, the magnet can hook firmly (Note fishing taut
lines can not avoid inhalation of lead can hook kit). Hold the handle after feeding bait to be filled bushings release handle
feed, automatic pop-up guide sleeve bait, the bait is complete. The machine can be connected with the fishing bait box,
easy to operate. Operating on the same bait in two models.
4. Use the leftover material storage tube as more than expected, the feed can grip the handle, rotate the screw kit can be
discharged from the pressurized feed guide, and then open the back cover, the guide sleeve into the water to pull the screw
in the piston under the action of water can be repeated several times to pull out more than expected, such as long-term
use can not be thoroughly cleaned to remove the guide sleeve, demolition method: First index finger with the thumb
pressed into the shaft pin, remove the handle by hand feed pop-up blocking to avoid wounding the guide rod end, then use
your thumb to press the lower end of the guide sleeve, which remove the guide sleeve. Rinse thoroughly washed by the
above method, replacing the bushings also operate here.

This is a new machine on the bait, compact, easy to carry. Energy and fishing box connected directly, can regulate
the size of the bait, the bait-type K-2 machine is a double bait, bait diameter 6 mm, and certainly does not affect
atomization, this product is loving fishing friends to solve the bait difficult problem, is sure to become a good
helper to catch the faithful.

Package Includes:
1 x Automatic Machine Bait

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