ZANLURE Remote Control Nest Ship Bait Boat Fishing Gear Automatical Hit Device


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Brand: Zanlure
Material:Engineering plastics + stainless steel
Boat Weight:831g (including bait)
Remote Control Weight:144g(including antenna)
Highest speed:1-2.5KMH

Continuous sailing time:10 hours
Remote control distance:80-300m
Most Suitable Bearings:750g
Maximum load:1200g

With LED lights and remaining charge warning lamp.
Bait light:can be adjusted up and down to facilitate the night fishing and at the same time to  attract fish.

Breathable plug:through the observation window to see if there is water vapor in th hull, and you can dry  it through the breathable plug.
Press the switch button.

Waterproof grass hood: stainless steel can help remove the water plants and duckweed.
Samsung high-energy battery:Samsung 18650 battery
,designed to 1000 times, commonly used in high-end charger equipment and durable.
Bait folding switch:here are for the remote control switch,as long as the box can be turned over  to sprinkle the bait, durable, and no rust.
Remaining battery indicator: 4 LED indicators and more than 3 means that  electricity is sufficient
,only the red light is charged as soon as possible.
Accurate power display:when you use the first time , please check whether it can be used,and it is ok,you can use up the remaining power,then charge for 12 hours.
Stern:Strong,durable, waterproof  and anti-corrosion.
Propeller:super speed, strong and powerful.

Package includes:
1 x Fishing boat
1 x Remote control
1 x Boat charger
1 x Boat battery